Our prevention topic:
Will our children live
longer lives?


– Will our children live longer than their parents?

    Will a child born in 2016 live longer than his parents ?

    Doctor Jean-Charles Hoda, Pharmacogeneticist

    Nicolas Stucki, Incorpore medical center co-foundeur and General Director

    Doctor Béatrice de Moustier, Endocrinologue

    Doctor Mario Zorzoli, Internal Medicine

– Cancer

    Genetic testing & cancer

    How does genetic testing work for the assessment of hereditary cancer predisposition ?

    How are the results expressed ?

    If we take breast cancer for exemple. What solutions can be proposed to the patient in case of a positif genetic test?

    What is a liquid biopsy in oncology ?

– Genetic & life style

    Genes or lifestyle, what causes a disease ?

    Are we far from unrevealing human body secrets ?

– Diagnostic

    Is a standard blood test enough in preventive medicine?

    What are the lasts development in preventive medicine?

– Type 2 diabetes

    What causes type 2 diabetes?

    How can we diagnose a pre-diabetic state ?

– Curative vs pre-ventive medicine

    Are patients well enough informed of what cause their disease ?

    Preventive medicine, anti-age and age management is there a difference?

    What is the right age to start thinking about prevention?

    What is the difference between traditional check-up and preventive check-up?

– Chronic inflammation

    Is there a link between chronic inflammation and other pathologies?

    Is CRP ( C Reactive Protein ) testing a good indicator of chronic inflammation?

– Endocrine disruptors

– Nutritional supplements

    Hidden risks of sports nutritional supplement

    What are the benefits and risks of sports nutritional supplements (creatine, protein, BCA)

    What are the benefits and risks of multivitamin supplements ?

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Jean-Charles Hoda
Jean-Charles Hoda
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Béatrice de Moustier
Béatrice de Moustier
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Mario Zorzoli
Mario Zorzoli
Internal Medicine
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Nicolas Stuck
Nicolas Stucki
Co-founder and CEO of
Incorpore medical center
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